How to collaborate on same xaml file using GIT/GitHub?

Hello friends,

Looking for some guidance or discussion among fellow users of GitHub. Currently having some issues on being able to collaborate with other team members on the same xaml file, without causing merge issues.
Ran a few tests of simply changing two different sequence names for the same xaml file, and it will cause merging issues, prompting a resolution (picking whether to over-write or keep branch intact).

Is it really the case that collaboration cannot occur on the same xaml file without causing issues? Isn’t a xaml file simply text anyways? From previous experience, working on different lines of the code should not cause an issue with git. Maybe we are doing something wrong. Perhaps someone with git & UI Path experience can help us with best practices, as the documentation does not provide clarification on this topic.

Thank you in advance!

I’d say git will not have issues at all, BUT, the developers will have very hard time to merge the file, as it is like a xml structure and you can’t always see the exact differences… Still you should avoid working in the same file as someone else in your team at the same time, that cannot be a good practice. As you go, you will be able to break down every step of your process into smaller sequences using separate files, so the work you be split among your team and allowing for better source control management…


thank you for your response @bcorrea :slight_smile:

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