GIT integration



From the documentation i understand that UIPath can be integrated with SVN and TFS.I was wondering if there is a way to integrate UIPath with GIT which is used as the strategic source code management tool in my organization. If not is there any plan to support GIT integration in near future


We are big fans of GIT and considering this for medium term (one year) but we need to make sure that our customers use GIT :slight_smile:


It’s good to give all popular scm tool integration features in the tool.One of the critical parameter which i conider for tool selection is the integration with the strategic SCM tool of my organization.


IThis is something I would be very interested in as well. My organization is quickly moving from SVN to GIT. SVN is still an option for us however GIT is the preferred SCM tool at this point.


Just to add to this - our preference is git also (Atlassian Stash/Bitbucket Server specifically).


Adding GIT is something most of the people would look forward to… As now a days most of the companies are heavily relying on it. Looking forward to hear soon on this from UIPath :slight_smile:


Git integration is on the roadmap, but not yet set to a release date.
As always, more market demand can speedup the implementation of a new feature.


Yes. Git please!


+1. GIT please :slight_smile:


+2 :wink:


Would you like too a GIT server deployed with Orchestrator?


How do you foresee integrating GIT? The issue with GIT is that is decentralized. There is no lock available and this might lead to conflicts/merges that aren’t easy to be handled in an xaml.

Any ideas?

In theory you could use any GIT client on top of the UiPath file structure.


Deploying GIT on the orchestrator would be a good option for us. I think others are keen to include UiPath processes into their existing corporate GIT repository.


As an option, yes, but not mandatory. Possibly in a future release (release 1 - GIT integrated to Studio, release 2 - to Orchestrator).
It could also be used for the repository of common workflows/packages once it’s integrated in Orchestrator.


Ok, we still have this to think about…


Hi @badita,

We are using Git in order to version our UiPath projects.
Every project has its own Git repository (in BitBucket) and we have to make sure that we (designers) are not working on the same projects at a time, because like you said, Git is decentralized and it’s quite impossible to merge conflicts between 2 too different XAML files.

Another issue was the way to integrate reusability for projects. Actually, we have multiple “shared” projects that can be used by multiple “main” projects. We are handling this by adding a new section in the “project.json” file (see example below) and a Powershell script will parse the “project.json” file and download the dependencies at the right place before creating the NuGet package. This way we are controlling the “shared” projects versions used in “main” projects and not duplicating reusable projects.

Example of a project.json with the new section

                  "folder":"Shared 1_1"
                  "folder":"Shared 1_2"
            "folder":"My Favorite Tool",

Obtained file tree with the project.json above

>> My Main UiPath Project
    > Main.xaml
    > project.json
    >> shared
        >> Shared 1_1
            > Main.xaml
            > project.json
        >> Shared 1_2
            > Main.xaml
            > project.json
        >> My Favorite Tool
            >> Close
                > Main.xaml
                > project.json
            >> Open
                > Main.xaml
                > project.json

At the moment, we are doing every steps using Jenkins (from git to nupkg creation and deployment on server), and would be very pleased if UiPath dev team could integrate that in Studio (maybe in a different way ?).

Thanks for your ideas.




We are currently doing all these activities manually like starting from git and to deployment on orchestrator in our projects. We are also planning to use Jenkins for automating these activities. Any guidance please on how to start.

Best Regards,


Hmmm…I thought everyone is using git. Never heard of TFS until just now. SVN, that’s so yesterday.


+1, we also use Git


+1, let’s have that GIT integration