Subscription expired

Hi all!
I’ve download UiPath Studio 20 days ago but now it says that my subscription has expired.I tried to activate it again with the provided trial code but it shows the same error message. Anyone knows what to do?


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Hi Julian,

Please contact the support team, they will verify your code and provide a solution: Contact Technical Support. Select Service Request - Licensing.

I did it yesterday but I didn’t have an answer. I need this ASAP :frowning:

I quite stress about this issue.

we failed to do PoC because of the License already expired. doesn anyone how to solve it.


Hi! Send a message to support team describing your issue.


Thank for your reply. It’s had solved by calling them.

Hello irahmat,

I am having the same issue. I sent a message to the support team but I got no answer from them.
How did you manage to call them ?

I am also doing a PoC so it’s quite urgent.

I installed the enterprise edition on the 6th of December, and got the “Subscription Expired” error on the 31st.



I mean call them is sending message to the support team. Please wait, they will answer you soon.

btw, are you using the company email or personal email? I recommended to use company email.

Thank you for your answer.

I am also using the company email.
I will wait for their answer then…


UiPath support team is too slow. I created few cases but no response. Planning to switch to blue prism.


i installed UiPath studio 1 hour before, while i enter trial code its giving error as subscription expired. please help