License expired!

Hi Team,

I downloaded the software but the license is now expired. I am practicing the tutorials. My device id is p4Ie1i9/9J6tFuL5P3R7

Can you please activate the license so that I can explore the tool.


Hi @sbniladri,

I hope you have installed Community version. In that case please refer to the below link :


Hi Vikas,

Thanks for your reply…But I have the Studio version.

Hi @sbniladri,

Please uninstall and install community version.

If you want to continue with Studio, then you need to get a license from the sales team.


Hi I try the tool as Trial, when the time expire, I unistall the trial and try to install the community edition but the system still tell me That I need to purchase the licence

So you’ve installed the .exe and you chose the ‘Start free’ option? Could you paste a screenshot with the error please?

@ovi I am having the same problem i used 2 month studio trail version when it expired i uninstalled it deleted license folder from program data folder in in c drive and installed community version but still getting the same error as @Willy_Hodgson has shown.


Please check this link to renew your free license:

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