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Dear AI Enthusiasts of our UiPath Community Forum,

Welcome to our UiPath Community Generative AI and Specialized AI Challenge! This is an exciting opportunity to showcase your AI skills. Before you dive in, please read and give your consent to the following terms and conditions.

UiPath Community Generative AI Challenge.pdf (969 KB)

:compass: Challenge Requirements:

  1. Register on UiPath Community Forum : Participants must have a registered and active account on the UiPath Community Forum.

  2. Course Completion: It is mandatory to successfully complete the course “Introduction to Specialized AI” on UiPath Academy.

  3. Use Case Submission: Participants must submit their Use Case on the Forum Repository

  4. Generative AI and Specialized AI : Participants must use at least one of the UiPath AI Products: Document Understanding, AI Center, Communications Mining, Task Mining, Clipboard AI, Process Mining in their use case submission + any Generative AI model (e.g. OpenAI, AWS).

  5. Title Inclusion Requirement : Title must start with Generative AI + Specialized AI Community Challenge + Use case name.

:trophy: Prizes:

  • :medal_sports: The TOP 3 most impactful and interesting applications of UiPath AI products, as judged by the UiPath jury, will receive 100% UiPath Certified Specialized AI voucher, a $100 UiPath swag voucher, and a chance to feature on the UiPath Community Blog.
  • :medal_military: 4th – 10th place will be given 50% UiPath Certified Specialized AI voucher and a $60 UiPath swag voucher.

:hammer_and_pick: Judging Criteria:

:one: Community Voting: The TOP 20 most voted submissions by the community will qualify for UiPath jury assessment.
:two: UiPath Jury Assessment: Submissions will be assessed based on Business Value 30%, Level of completion 30% and Innovation 30%, in using UiPath Products. And 10% - Everyone will gain by default for submitting their use case.
:three: Multiple Submissions: Participants can submit multiple entries, but only one award will be granted per person.

:date: Challenge Period: the challenge begins on October 20, 2023, and the use cases submission ends on :red_circle: November 3, 2023.

:hourglass_flowing_sand: Votes will be counted till November :keycap_ten: , 2023.

:fire: :balance_scale: The winners will be announced on November :one: :seven:, 2023

:muscle: Let the challenge begin! We can’t wait to see your innovative use cases and celebrate your achievements.

:crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: Best of luck to all participants,

UiPath Community Team

:loudspeaker: Feel free to download the banner and encourage your network to support your use case by voting.

By submitting their use case for the UiPath AI Challenge, users on the UiPath Forum acknowledge and agree to abide by the UiPath Contest Regulation rules, as outlined in the attached to this post.

:bulb: :bulb:
I’m providing an use case example here that incorporates both Specialized and Generative AI to fuel your inspiration. Consider the insurance industry: where Document Understanding (Specialized AI) can be utilized to extract information from structured policy forms. Subsequently, integrating OpenAI connector in services allows for comparison and summarization of old and new policies using Generative AI.
:rocket: Let this example spark your innovative ideas and propel you towards new horizons :rocket:


The terms of this challenge don’t appear to match the title…?

In the banner and image its all about Generative AI (meaning things like Chat GPT, other Large Language Models or things like MidJourney to generate images) but in the terms you talk about needing to use one of the UiPath specialized tools such as the AI Center, AI Computer Vision, Communications Mining, Document Understanding and Task Mining, none of which are generative AI and only do a specialized task with a narrow focus…

Perhaps this can be cleared up?
I can think of use cases for example using the Open AI Integration that really are utilizing generative AI, but the other specialized AI systems aren’t needed in those use cases meaning that it wouldnt qualify for inclusion.
Did the terms get abit mixed up? It seems like Generative AI and Specialized AI are being use interchangably here?

Hi @Jon_Smith thank you so much for your feedback :hugs: .

We’ve taken your feedback into account and have rephrased the title of the challenge and the banner accordingly. We hope this addresses your queries :heart_eyes: , and you are now well-equipped to be inspired for the challenge :rocket: . If you require any additional assistance or guidance, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Good luck :crossed_fingers:

Nice! Thats alot more consistent. I definitely have use cases for Generative AI and UiPath / RPA, but not neccessarily combining it with one of the specialized AI tools so I will get brainstorming!

Thank you, once again @Jon_Smith :heart_eyes:. Good luck with the inspiration :rocket:

Check out here the winners announcement : 🏆 Winners Announcement: UiPath Community Generative AI and Specialized AI Challenge 🏆

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