StudioX Write Datatable to excel

Does anyone know how to write a datatable to excel in StudioX? I installed the database activities from manage packages and was able to execute a query. It saves the query as a datatable (which you can save for later). However, when I try to write the datatable to excel, it only offers to “Write Cell” activity, and does not allow the saved datatable to be inserted as an input to the cell.

Havent used studioX,but doesnt it have a write range activity to paste datatable?

Hello, nice finding here, but did you try instead of saving the date to a save for later variable to directly write in excel ?


Since this is still near the top of the list when I was seeking the same answer - I found that the solution would be better referenced as Appending DataTable to Excel.

Attached is a complete running example, including how to add the column headers from the DataTable into Excel.Export DataTable to Excel.xaml (34.7 KB)