Putting formula text in a DataTable

I am trying to use the datatable format to put numbers and formula into a csv file. However, when we export the datatable to the CSV, the formulas stay there as text. The only way to activate them is to use the Enter key.

For instance, when inputting SUM, the Excel won’t show a sum of two numbers, instead it would show “=SUM(A1:A2)”

How can I make the Excel formulas active when putting them in Excel?

Are you performing this inside excel Excel activity (inside application scope or Workbook Activities?

We are exporting a Excel File from DataTable

FYI…works for me with Write cell inside excel application scope but not with Workbook write cell, did not try Write range(datatable).

Actually it uses the “Write Range” command

You did not answer my question yet, which write range activity are you using? There are two activities excel write range and work book write range. it works with excel write range
excel_formula.xaml (9.3 KB)
123.xlsx (7.9 KB)