StudioX Bot logging when run from StudioX

Hi Team,

We are running a citizen developer program and we always request users to run their bots from the UiPath Assistant.

Nonetheless, there are always users that run there automation from StudioX. And whenever they do that we loose traceability and hurt the metrics of the program that we are capturing through insights.

Can we make a policy that we can turn on and off for anything that gets trigger from the studio it also get logged in the orchestador.

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Hi @svillalobos ,

Just wanted to check what metrics or insights you are interested in capturing by moving the runs to UiPath Assistant.

Audit logs in StudioX should capture quite a lot of interesting insights (applications used, emails, resource used, who initiated the run, time used etc) that can help you add to the traceability. These are automatically recorded in Orchestrator logs if they’re connected to Orchestrator. I’ve added a link below to our documentation regarding audit logging.

If that’s not enough and you’d like users to publish their projects, in 2021.10 we’ve added a new feature that prevents runs from StudioX:


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