Data retention/processing in Studio X vs Orchestrator

Hello, I’ve spent some time going through the documentation and on google, but I could not find a clear article that explains what happens to the data that is processed by an automation.

What I’d like to know is:

If I create a StudioX workflow locally and run it (without publishing it to Orchestrator) will my files/data be passed through the cloud or everything happens locally (on the workstation)?

I would really appreciate a reference from the documentation or any other source regarding this matter.


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The logs of studioX ideally will by default be published to orchestrator to the folder you are connected to


Hey Check this out:

Trust and Security FAQs | UiPath

If you are using Automation Cloud then check the below:

Orchestrator in Automation Cloud™ - Data Retention and Archiving for Jobs - News / Product News - UiPath Community Forum

This should sort out all your concerns.

Happy Automation…!!