StudioX Activities File/Folder missing menu

Hello guys, this is my first post, so plase be patient for me :slight_smile:
I have a problem with my StudioX. I don’t see in activities menu operation conected with folders and files, only CSV is visible. I’m, sure that here sholud be much more options…
Can somebody help me? Give some clue how I can put this menu in this place?
UiPath StudioX versio 2021.10.8
UiPath.System.Activities 22.10.1

Hi @piotr_kul

Welcome to UiPath community

In my environment its has all the activities

Can you Reinstall the Uipath and check it?


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In my Studio 21.10.5+UiPath.System.Activities package 22.10.1 environment, I can reproduce your issue as the following.

Can you try either of the following?

  • Downgrade System.Activities package to 22.4.5 or lower.

  • Upgrade Studio to newer version. (22.4 or 22.10)

  • Wait until next version of System.Activities package then upgarde to it.


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Hello @piotr_kul

Seems this to be a version issue.
You can update the dependency packages to the latest stable version and check it once.

Manage package->update all dependency packages


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Hello, thanks for all answers.
@Yoichi your solution won :slight_smile:
Downgrade System.[Activities] package to 22.4.5
topic resolved.

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