Studio won't stop execution even after script completes


We’re running on UiPath Studio 2017.1.6435 and just recently, the production bots won’t “Stop” when pressing the stop button or F12, as well as when a script completes. The log files show an “Execution ended” line, but sometimes it takes an hour or more for Studio to also stop. Additionally, the log lines shown in the output are drastically behind what is in the log files. For example, if the log file has “Execution ended” at 08:00:00, the Studio output tab may show log lines from 07:15:00.

I’ve seen the post here on processes not stopping, but we are not on a beta version and we have not upgraded to 2018.3 (or 2018.4!). Are there any options beyond doing a fresh reinstall across our entire production environment?

Thanks for the help.

Hi @khage,
Mostly unexpected issues like this happens after OS update. Please check if there was no update provided meanwhile. Please also remember that if you are Enterprise User you can contact with our Technical Support.