Studio Web is now available for all enterprise customers

If you logged in to your UiPath Cloud account today, you probably noticed the latest addition to the family. A new entry available for Studio Web, our latest addition to the Studio Family.

What is Studio Web?

Studio Web is a browser based automation canvas, designed with cross-platform automation projects in mind. It allows you to build automations directly in your browser, across online business apps and services. We consider it the best way to get started with automation. Since the projects are fully compatible with desktop versions of Studio and StudioX, Citizen Developers and RPA developers can closely collaborate on projects to bring them to completion.

Why a browser based tool?

Having a browser based automation IDE means that you require no IT dependencies, no installation and no additional resources. And, because it is included in existing developer licenses, once you have a UiPath Cloud account you can just get started with your automation. But being a web tool does not mean that you lose control of your developers, since you will be completely covered by the governance set of rules from Automation Ops.

What can you build with Studio Web?

From simple automations to more complex solutions, Studio Web is the perfect solution for kicking off your automation project. It harnesses the power of Integration Service to deliver triggers and activities to build across online services. It relies on Document understanding and uses Extractor ML models that require no local installation to help process expenses, validate data from PDFs and even extract invoice data. And last but not least, it is a huge IT automation enabler, empowering IT departments to get started fast and easily automate cloud and ITSM tasks directly in the browser. To find out more about what it can do, check out the videos below:

Get started today

To get started with Studio Web just log in to your Cloud account and navigate to

Documentation to help you get started is available at and our latest release notes are also available in the documentation section

As always, we look forward to your feedback and suggestions for improvements. Let’s start automating!


Having to advice clients on the solution architecture of their automation platform, it would be nice to also know the limitations of the web version.

Sure, a web version saves a lot in resourcing IT side, mainteanance etc. etc. But I want to prevent to advice using a web studio only to realize that after the initial setup you run into limitations on delivering automations, simply because certain features are technically not possible in web.

Searching the forum and experimenting myself I get a decent grasp of the differences, but I’d like a more official UiPath supported feature comparrison, to eable my clients to make educated decisions other than on a community forum topics.

Is such an overview available?