Studio Web in Public Preview - 5 things you should know and 9 demos you should see

Meet UiPath Studio Web, your web based automation canvas

Our Studio suite offering starts with Studio Web and enables you to automate your online work. Here’s 5 things you should know about Studio Web.

  • Frictionless: No machine setup, serverless ready, nothing to install, no docs, no training, no academy, no new licenses, just type and you are on your way. Automations you build w/ Studio Web run on our serverless cloud machines which are already provisioned for you.
  • No code *: No code should have really been part of frictionless, but this deserves a category of its own, the mindset with Studio Web was anyone should be able to automate. However, for the truly passionate ones, we remain code friendly under the hood, we are a very extensible and open platform, we support advanced coding scenarios and are fully compatible with Studio. So yes, no code but with an inclusiveness asterisk.
  • Compatibility: Anything you build with Studio Web is compatible with StudioX and Studio. You can open any project with Studio desktop. Automations are cross-platform which means they can run on any operating system.
  • Complementary: Studio Web not only complements StudioX and together expands on the Citizen Developer story, but also creates a powerful collaboration story within your centre of excellence between Citizens and Developers. You can share automation with your COE, your team, or your colleagues. CoEs can decide to schedule these automations to run on any machine and operating system because they are cross-platform ready. Automation Developers can develop and design activities with Studio which can then be used by anyone via Studio Web, StudioX and Studio.
  • Powerful +: Studio Web exposes all the core powers of the UiPath Business Platform: from UI Automation to Integration Service, from Document Understanding to IT Automation, from best-in-class productivity suites integrations to native Orchestrator and Data service integrations. Automations can be triggered manually, on a schedule or automatically when an external event happens such as receiving a meeting invite.

Here’s 9 demos to check out if you want to learn more

  1. Citizen Developer Path
  2. Collaborate within CoE
  3. Automation for your productivity and collaboration tools
  4. Accelerate IT Departments
  5. Working with your UiPath Data Service
  6. Navigate, authenticate and extract data with UIAutomation
  7. Automate invoice data extraction with Document Understanding
  8. Create and manage the lifecycle of incident tasks
  9. Bring AI into the automation fabric with Integration Service

:star_struck: One of my favourite product, Exploring and trying things at the moment.


This can be game changer. The fact that there’s no need for machine setup and installation makes it more accessible and user-friendly than ever before.


Thanks @mircea for sharing this. This will definitely disrupt the Low-Code/No-Code market and give the automation users more power to automate their process along with super impressive integration services :slight_smile:


Can’t wait to try it. Not yet allowed in our enterprise solution yet, though :cry:
“Access blocked: Authorization Error” when trying to connect google services.

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