Check out the most recent UiPath Community Blog post highlighting the advantages of UiPath Studio Web

Dear Community,

We are keen to share with you our latest UiPath Community Blog about the benefits of UiPath Studio Web.

:uipath: UiPath Studio Web makes the end-to-end life cycle of development and deployment automation projects easy and fast. Using integration services makes it even more powerful to leverage the automation with different end systems. The robust addition of Studio Web to the Studio family makes automation building toolchain even stronger and user-friendly. UiPath Studio Web is a low-code tool with high impact.

Uncover the power of automation with simplicity and speed today, :point_right: read more about the advantages of using UiPath Studio Web here.

We invite you to explore and share with other professionals our UiPath Studio Web, and we’d appreciate sharing your insights with us. Your feedback is valuable, so don’t hesitate to leave your comments here Studio Web.

You can access Studio Web directly on our Cloud via

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Hi @loredana_ifrim,

Thank you very much for your share. As a suggestion, it might be beneficial to mention the advantages of licensing costs. Many customers are primarily interested in this.


Hi @muhammedyuzuak, thank you for your feedback :pray: . We’ll be back with a response to your query :hugs: .

Dear @muhammedyuzuak below you can find a summary of the licensing advantages and limitations:


Studio Web requires no licensing to be used. It is free for everyone, and creating workflows with it incurs no extra costs for the organization or its users.


However, like all free products, UiPath must ensure that Studio Web does not fall victim to usage abuse. In this regard, there are several limitations which users and organisations might need to be aware of:

Subscription type

Studio Web functionality is almost identical between different subscription types, with minor differences.

  • Community / Free

    • Are limited to 1 tenant per organisation.
    • Access to preview packages is on by default.
  • Pro Trial / Enterprise Trial / Pro / Enterprise

    • It can have multiple tenants per organisation.
    • Access to preview packages is only on demand.

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Thank you so much for sharing!


Thank you so much for sharing. Studio Web is so cool !! Awaiting more release :smiley:


@loredana_ifrim - Thanks for the information!