Studio version compatibility with Orchestrator

We have on-prem Orchestrator 2021.4.2. Is this compatible with UiPath Studio 2022.10.3? A user is trying to pull credentials from assets and this is being logged on the Orchestrator event log:

UiPath.Orchestrator.Core.Exceptions.NotFoundException: Error code - 1002, Message - ‘Could not find an asset with this name.’, Details - ‘XXXCredentials’
at async Task UiPath.Orchestrator.Application.Services.AssetsService.GetAssetByNameForRobotKeyAsync(string assetName, string robotKey)
at async Task Abp.Domain.Uow.UnitOfWorkInterceptor.InternalInterceptAsynchronous(IInvocation invocation)


Verify the asset name again , Apart from the credentials asset will you able to get it & try with any other data using assets?


Hi @Craig1

Seems its incompatible

check this matrix


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