Connection Failed: There is no available licenses on this server


How to solve this?

Cause: A robot/or multiple robots are using the same machine key for their connection to your Orchestrator. As they are connected to Orchestrator, the available licenses are consumed and a new robot doesn’t have any available license to connect again to the Orchestrator.

Check the solution from here Robot Licensing Failed. There are no available licenses on the server. (#1914) - #5 by Sax72

You may try to edit the machine template, remove the license (set to 0) → Save → edit again the machine template → add back the available license → Save → Connect again in Assistant to retrieve the license

Hi @Mamata_Shee,

Can you share a screenshot by going to Orchestrator > Tenant > License

Also could you give some more details about the installation?


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You can share like this screenshot.

@marian.platonov I wanted to write to the friend who opened the topic, but I tagged you because of the name similarity. :slight_smile: Thank you for the example.

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