Studio, StudioX, StudioPro - Open to Last Saved Position

Imagine a citizen or RPA developer assigned to work on two or more RPA projects and able to open to the last saved position of an activity specific to an RPA project (xaml) by selecting project.json. This will increase the citizen or RPA developer slightly.

Hi @GreenTea

Do you mean to further build on top of this feature?

I am actually not sure if this is remembered per project or per user machine though.

Is your suggestion to have this being remembered per project, but also with the exact activity that was opened? Or just as it is currently, but simply remembered per project?

Hi @loginerror

Yes, that’s right to build on top of the feature. Could it also remember the exact activity that the project was last opened ? Thanks for responding.

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Thank you for clarifying, we’ll consider it for future releases :slight_smile: