UiPath Studio - Remember Orchestrator Folder when opening project instead of loading 'last folder'


I find it really frustrating that UiPath Studio doesn’t remember the folder I was working in when I open a project and I need to refresh it each time when switching.
Just to be clear, I mean the folder on the orchestrator, this thing.

Instead it sets it to the last folder you selected in studio in whatever session you last had opened, when you move around projects this means you constantly need to reset it to the correct folder.

Please please have it so that Studio remembers the folder I was working in for that project and just load that one whenever I load that project.

@Jon_Smith so you need to have the folder value defined per project?

I would say its not neccessarily my place to determine how UiPath could fix this, but sure, perhaps it gets stored in the project.json or something?

Apparently the last selected folder is stored somewhere on the machine, maybe in the registry, so perhaps that could just be expanded to include the project path so studio checks there then loads whatever folder was last used for that project on that machine.
Its really up to you guys on what you think is the correct way to handle this, but in my opinion its a huge improvement to your software.

In the scenario I am in I have many folders on my orchestrator to organize my processes and tasks including by department and I am frequently switching between processes during the day depending on who I am working for, its very easy to forget to switch folders when trying to run a test then getting an error, the worse case is if you have a folder package feed and you upload a newer version, saying with an updated library, and it uploads to the wrong place because the wrong folder was loaded in the project by default.

I hope my scenario makes sense and you can see the benefit of improving it, I can see it discouraging the useage of multiple folders with people instead just preferring to work in one where they dont need to switch.