Retain Previous Folder Browse Location

Each activity that requires opening the Browse for File/Folder dialogue box does not retain the location from previous opening and instead defaults to UiPath folder every time.

For instance, if the data I need to interact with is nested deep in a user subfolder, each activity that requires referencing that data currently requires the user to navigate to the location each time. This is inefficient.

It would be better if the dialogue box remembered the last navigation location used in the project, or at least retained the previously expanded directories instead of defaulting to the UiPath folder with every other folder collapsed.

Hi @learning_uname
if you are maintaining path during running activities you can full full path here to access any file.

Hi Raja,
My feedback is for this dialogue box.

I understand pasting a copied full path can point to files/folders but that requires extra steps and involves navigating out of StudioX to another window like the File Explorer to get that path. Having StudioX remember previously expanded folders in subsequent dialogue boxes is the ideal solution.

@learning_uname Ok Got it.

Thank you for your feedback @learning_uname, it would indeed be a nice improvement and I will forward it to our team to consider in the future :slight_smile: