Studio stuck at Publishing Package

Hello, so i have this problem when trying to publish my process

the publish process stuck at publishing package, and then later it will show this error
My pc has a 8gb ram
I am trying to publish a process from the flow (no project files, just workflow)

Is there any solution?

Thanks in advance

Hi Fauzan, Out of memory exception, as it says, could mean that Studio is running out the memory it has access to, being a 32 bit application, it only has limited memory and no the complete 8 GB that is available in the system… ideally, with just the project XAML files, you should not hit this size. How much is the size shown, when you right click the project folder and select properties?

the xaml file are around 220kb, and I don’t have the project folder because we only copy the xaml file

@Fauzan_Marantama thank you for the detail, the XAML file alone does not get published as a package, the folder where the XAML file along with the project.json file is placed, is considered as the project package… so if you have placed the XAML file in the “Downloads” folder, the entire content of the “downloads” folder will be considered as a part of the project and will be included in the publish package… can you try placing the XAML file in an empty folder… and then attempt the publish

Thank you, the problem solved after i used your solution

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