Publishing Workflow throws System.OutofMemeryException

I was attempting to Publish my workflow in Studio to get the file to be uploaded into Orchestrator, but I am getting a System.OutofMemeryException. It attempts to build the file, but it takes a long time and then throws the error. I have been able to create other version of the file previously, but when I went to get the newest version its not working. Any suggestions?

Screenshot 2022-08-03 110010

Check if you have any project subfolders that have a lot of files in them. This can make the package too big to publish.

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It appears this was the issue. thanks

Not sure what the subfolders were, but it’s not a good idea to store anything in the project folder that isn’t needed by UiPath. ie documentation, data files, etc.

All that stuff should be in other folders, not the project folder. Anything that’s in the project folder or a subfolder gets incorporated into the .nupkg file for publishing.

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