Studio on prem trial version licensing error

I am trying to install

on prem trial version

of studio. For that i have downloaded UiPathStudioOnPremTrial.msi file by giving mail id and some details.

i have installed and launched studio then studio asking me to enter the license key then i have provided that and hit continue.

Then it is showing error that
“Licensing model data missing. Without it license cannot be activated.”

How to resolve this please help it is very urgent requirement.

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Hi @User_98

Please check on this


i need to install OnPremTrial version.

If anybody knows please tell me which steps to follow.



Can you share URL which you apply the trial?


Hi @Yoichi ,

Thanks for your reply. This is the URL where i have filled all the details then i have downloaded studio 64 bit version.


I think it’s trial for UiPath platform with on-premise orchestrator and it provides with license key of Orchestrator.

Can you try to apply from the following URL?


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Thank you @Yoichi for your response,

i will check this and let you know.

Thank you @Yoichi ,

i could have downloaded studio if want to connect the studio with orchestrator how to do it ?


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Which orchestrator do you want to connect your Studio with, On-premise or Automation cloud?


@Yoichi ,

i need to connect to On premises orchestrator. Can you please help me out.

First, build On-premise OC in your network and add license which you got from Enterprise RPA Platforrm Trial into OC. Next, configure settings for user etc. Then have Studio connect with OC. License for the Studio is distributed from the OC.

Please check official document in details.


Hi @Yoichi,

How to build orchestrator in our network is there any documentation for that.

Thank you.

The following official document will help you.

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