Activation failed with error: 106 Error description: Licensing model data missing. Without it, the license cannot be activated


I am newbie,Please bear with me :grinning:

I am trying to install uipath studio with Studio named user licence key

I am facing below error during activation of key.

Licensing model data missing. Without it, the license cannot be activated.

Please help me with the same


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hi @heena_shaikh
from where did you download the setup , are you sure about is this the Community edition or enterprise edition


uipath vendor has provided with installation guide.there it has this stdio download link.

after clicking on that link installer got downloaded.


Ok that’s mean you are with enterprise edition, so your vendor should provide your licences key belongs to you ask form them and use your licences key to license that’s it :slightly_smiling_face:

after using the license key i got that error

Follow the link to generate key

And also please refer for your information

Updating UI Path license in Orchestrator

Step 1 : Get the activation code from Uipath via email.
Activation code ---
Step 2 : Go to the UiPath orchestrator and click on License
Step 3 : Click on Update
Step 4 : Select Offline
Step 5: Select No and enter the activation code in license key and move to the next step
Step 6 : Save the activation request file and click on
Step 7 : Click on Upload from file( and select the activation request file
Step 8: Click on Generate license file and license file will be generate
Step 9 : Upload the license file(resume Orchestrator activation step) and click on update, Uipath license will be updated

Updating UI Path license in Studio

Step 1: Open Uipath Studio and go to Settings->License and Profile->View Or Edit License
Step 2: Click on Acquire License Key
Step 3: Click on Continue
Step 4: Click on UiPath Studio
Step 5 : Click on restart

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