Studio does not start "No robot configured"

Hi, I am trying to lunch comunity version of Studio.
I log in to cloud succesfully but then it says “No robot configured for the current user”
I cerated robot in orchestrator but it did not help.
I am out of ideas.
Pleas help
Here you see, that I have robots configured.

  • On the Studio VM, open a cmd window and type whoami
  • On the same machine, open UiPath Assistant and try to connect to Orchestrator using the Cloud URL and Machine Key. What is the connection status? Hover over the “Connected, Licensed/Unlicensed” message and check the status. Note: if a Sign Out button appears when clicking on Preferences at the top, click on it and sign out.
  • In Orchestrator, navigate to Tenant - Manage Access - find your user ID - More Actions - Edit - Robot Settings: on this page, check if the local id is set on the preferred type of Robot (you should set the id the same way as it was returned using the whoami command, with the domain\username format)

I am also attaching a documentation page for reference on how to connect the Robot to Orchestrator - link here.