Studio 19.4.4 - Git commit/push and Ignoring files/folders?

Does the Uipath Studio implementation of Git support ignoring files/folders ? Like the REF exception screensnap folder. Studio’s git seems to ignore a .gitignore file by including it in the commit !!!

Is there a way to configuration Studio for Git to ignore specified files/folders for commits ?

I hope we won’t be able to ignore
either we can commit or undo the files added the same
but we can pull the file we don’t need
The commands that GIT takes




Commits current changes to the local GIT repository.


Pushes the current version onto the remote repository.

Pull (rebase)

Pulls remote files and rebases the current branch.

Manage Branches

Opens the GIT window with options for managing currently added branches.

Show Changes

Opens the File Diff window for comparing changes between the local version and the remote version of the file.

Show History

Opens the Show History window for comparing two versions of the same file.


Opens the Undo Pending Changes window if the file was not committed or pushed to the remote repository.

Cheers @soneill437

Thanks for the reply but I disagree. We should be able to ignore.

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had you checked what is happening when setting up a git ignore file
Reference: Git - gitignore Documentation

I’ll be honest and say no I did not. What I found was the Commit GUI output shows that it ignores the .gitignore file based it showed me. I did not following through to see what happened if I went ahead and do a Commit/Push.

I will do that at some point today.


Thats OK take your time. Commit/Push should respect the settings configured in the .ignore file.

Also ensure that the new Files are recognized by git and add IT to the Stage as well

Happy Automation :slight_smile:

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Finally got to look at this. Yep, works just fine. Just wish the Studio Commit Changes screen respected it as well for unversioned files. Thanks !!

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