String to double



I am reading a excel to create a dt.In my excel I have many cloumns but a column “amount” has values in double format,but in my dt it is taken as string.Now I have to write those values in excel as double only but the bot is writing it as string values.

Any way to write it in double format?


Use “convert.ToDouble” dot net code to convert your excel values as double…


Tried that but no luck.Tried parse.double also.As I have to change the data type in the dt itself before dumping it to excel


@PULKITGUPTA can you attach your xaml file


Double Variable = Double.Parse(String Variable)

JothyPrasanth M


I used inside for each row:- Row(“Amount”)=convert.todouble(row(“Amount”))

I also tried Generic type Variable =convert.todouble(row(“Amount”).tostring) and then Row(“Amount”)=Generic type variable


Try this



Tried that luck


Try this



Can you attach your workflow? Meanwhile try this -


Please follow this