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I am reading a excel to create a dt.In my excel I have many cloumns but a column “amount” has values in double format,but in my dt it is taken as string.Now I have to write those values in excel as double only but the bot is writing it as string values.

Any way to write it in double format?

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Use “convert.ToDouble” dot net code to convert your excel values as double…

Tried that but no luck.Tried parse.double also.As I have to change the data type in the dt itself before dumping it to excel

@PULKITGUPTA can you attach your xaml file

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Double Variable = Double.Parse(String Variable)

JothyPrasanth M

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I used inside for each row:- Row(“Amount”)=convert.todouble(row(“Amount”))

I also tried Generic type Variable =convert.todouble(row(“Amount”).tostring) and then Row(“Amount”)=Generic type variable

Try this



Tried that luck

Try this


Can you attach your workflow? Meanwhile try this -

Please follow this

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Converting to Double a string var is fine, but how about when I need to use TypeInto Activity to insert double value into the box? Now TypeInto doesn’t allow var other strings, so is there way to insert a double value using TypeInto activity in a box?