How to resolve " String cannot convert to double"

Hi All

I have read values from excel but i got following error

Excel value: 12345000080

Can anyone know how to resolve it?

HI @divya.17290

Can you share the screenshot of Look up DataTable Properties

Try like this in the Look up DataTable activity

Cdbl(Currentrow("Column name").Tostring)


I read and store as a string but i got error " String cannot convert to double"

Hi @divya.17290

Share the Screenshot of the Assign activity. How did you convert to double.

You are converting the string into Double.

For that Try this

Use Assign activity

Create an Variable LHS : Input
In the RHS : Cdbl(Currentrow("Column name").Tostring)


I didn’t convert anystring value, i m just read the row and assign to a string variable then i got error

Hi @divya.17290 ,

Try changing the Output variable of Look Up Datatable Activity to UiPath.Core.GenericValue type variable and check if you are able to get the Output.

Hi @divya.17290

Change the datatype of the variable that you have used in the cell value properties of Lookup datatable to double



Hello @divya.17290 , the error is due to the value in excel sheet might be in double. So change the lookup variable type as a system.double, the error will be clear.

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