String to Array to String


Attached is a screenshot of a get text activity that is storing it as text, but I want to be able to cycle through the list as individual strings on this list. I’ve tried split but doesn’t seem to work. I’ve also tried to just change the variable type to array of string and then the For Each activity won’t work. Any ideas?

Hi @michael.twining

You try this below expression

Using Assign activity

LHS → Create an variable
RHS → Split(Inputvariable,Environment.Newline) pass this in for each

Inputvariable is in string format


Hi @michael.twining,

Can you please show, what you have used in split so that we can have a check, also try the solution provided by @Gokul001.


Hi @michael.twining

After Get Text Activity

It will return all the values present in the screenshot

After using the For each Activity


It will iterated through all the values


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YES!!! That worked, thank you. Environment.NewLine was new to me.

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