Iterate through a line of string help

I placed this post a while back and it worked fine.

Now I want to iterated through each line. I assume I want a for each activity but the problem I run into is a few things.

The variable for this list of items is stored as a string because it is reading a text box that has a list of items in it. I’ve tried changing it to string array to try the for each items. The problem each time is that the return output ends up being the whole list as if it’s reading it as one block of string.



It might be linebreak matter. Can you try the following expression in ForEach?



If the above isn’t your problem, can you share your workflow and specific data?


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Thank you @Yoichi , I didn’t think about splitting by the control for new line. I tried brainstorming over a week on it to try and work it out myself, but this was exactly what I needed my friend.

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