Getting System.string[] as output while executing split string activity

Hi All,

I am trying to use split string activity to spit a string using delimiter (“:”).

steps :

  1. Using assign activity assigned a string to a variable called “Variable”
  2. In Split String activity, input as ‘variable’, result as ‘resultedtext’ and separator as “:”
  3. Used for each to loop over the array list and message box to display the resultedtext.

I tried to debug the same, when the breakpoints comes in to for loop, the result shows as [0] = “1”, [1] = “2” … etc… But the message box displays it as “System.String”. I am not sure why the resulted text is displaying like this

My sequence :


Why did you place the ResultedText in for each.

print Item.ToString in message box!


this is sample sequence just to test this since i have my original project in difference flow. i need to loop into the array and display each element of the array.

my bad… :frowning: it worked @Pradeep_Shiv … thanks

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