String of number is being rounded down in Excel

Good afternoon,

I have the following problem:
My process is divided into a Dispatcher and a Performer.
The Dispatcher reads out information from a PDF and gives it to a queue.
The Performer enters the information from the queue to an Excel file.

The Dispatcher works fine, the read out information is correct.
For example:
This is read out as String (because for other cases it’s not only the number, but also text is added). (->str_result)

BUT what is entered for all those cases into the Excel file is:

So it’s basically rounding the number down.
But I don’t want that of course.

The column format in Excel is set to “Number” (so that it doesn’t show something like 2,7E+15).

UiPath Activity: Add data row (to a data table)
ArrayRow: {…some other stuff that is working fine, in_TransactionItem.SpecificContent(“Result”).ToString}

Then Append Range to Excel file.
(No option for preserve format as for “read range” etc)

Where is the error?

Thanks in advance for your help on this.

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Hello @Juli

Can you set the excel format as Text and try it out? Else you can create a custom format for that column.

Hi @Rahul_Unnikrishnan

Well, that worked out fine… :slight_smile:
For the new entry at least. It will still convert old entries to 2,7E+15, though. Then I have to redo the entering process manually.

Thanks a lot!

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Good to hear that :grinning:

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