Keep Decimal Places as is when read from excel

I was reading a value from excel column which is 13.00. When it comes to UiPath runtime it is removing the decimal giving backup as 13, similarly for 8.60 it is giving 8.6.
How can get the exact value without removing the decimal places?

Hi @niranjan.kodakandla

While using Read Range activity tick the Preserve Format option in the proprtties Panel.

Hope it helps!!

I am using older version of ACtivity and dont see this property in my activity


Which version are you using?



Hope it helps

Then you should upgrade to the latest versions of your dependencies.

When you read a value from an Excel column in UiPath, the value is often read as a generic data type like Double, which might not display trailing zeros. To ensure that the exact value with decimal places is retained, you can use the ToString method with a format specifier.

.ToString is used when outputting values, it isn’t used when reading values from Excel and doesn’t affect the format of what’s in the datatable.