String Manupilation

Hello Guys,

I have the below message, I need to extract the number from it, but the trick here is that the number in between can be any number of characters(ex. it could be 2009, or 20099, or 200997 can any one support please.

Shipment costs 200997 saved

It’s very easy to extract with a regular expression (Regex match).

Shipment costs ([0-9]+) saved

Have a look at Regex101 ot test your expression


You can use Regex for this as below


Hope this helps you


@mwerner, thanks for your reply,

Shipment costs 200997 saved is in a variable, can you support to have the syntax, as iam new to uipath.


The result is an ienumerable variable type - which is like an array.

Use the following syntax in a write line or assign activity to view the result.


Then update the capitals letters with the result/output from the matches activity.

If you want to learn Regex - check out my new user Regex Megapost.


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