How to get the Required String Using Regex

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Please find the below String:

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Please try the above regex.

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not wokring

Hi @chandolusathi.kumar ,

Could you provide us with some more example data to make our pattern for the regex exact match for the value to be extracted ? Do we have a keyword that we can use in the text to pinpoint the location of the value ?

Let us know/provide some more example data for helping further.


give a try with

Regex.Match(strInput, "\d..{1,3}(,\d{3})*\.\d{2}").Value


Hi @chandolusathi.kumar,

Sorry for that! Please check the updated expression.

Hi @supermanPunch those are the Amount in the format like mentioned below

09.00 or else 100.00 or else 1,000.00 or else 10,000.00 or else 1,00,000.00 or else 10,00,000.00 or else 1,00,00,000.00

kindly help me to get the value which is starts from Numeric value and end with the .00 or else any kind of number like after (.) any kind of numbers with only two digits

i didn’t get it kindly share it again

Hi @chandolusathi.kumar ,

Use below regex


@chandolusathi.kumar ,

According to the requirement mentioned , you could check with the below regex Expression :


If the above doesn’t work, let us know for which example data it does not work and what was the implementation done.

Meanwhile can you try with this pattern

To get single value


Use the above expression in the assign activity

To Get multiple matches and you need to loop through it


Use this above in for each to loop through the matches


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