String Manipulations to get the particular line from the datatable's cell

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Experts:- @supermanPunch , @ppr Plz help

I am having as data as shown below:

I am able to get it into the Datatable and trying to use the string manipulation on the cell (cell has all the data from “0 - Pickup … Main data”) AND WHAT I want is to fetch text “Main data” into a string variable.

But issue is that onces I am printing value in the message box, I am getting the string in following manner:

I tried splitting string with respect to " ", “\n” , “\t” etc

But the bot is assuming a string to be as shown below:


which is making it impossible to extract the Main data into the string variable.

[Note: number of words in all the lines are dynamic]

Kindly suggest,.

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Give a try with a regex split

arrSplit | String Array =

Hello @hacky

Can you please share a sample excel with the input data? This will help to apply the required expression.



Apologies, the data is confidential, cannot share it online. I tried to make a dummy data to mimic the real time data in this case.


Plz refer to the below similar post as well.


Not working.

@hacky ,

Alternate Check on the below Expression :


better to tell us the details.

Lets do one thing:

  • Set Breakpoint
  • debug and get paused
  • use the immediate panel and type in the variable with the cell tect value string OR the retrieval to the particular cell value

Just share it with us. Thanks

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Unrecognized escape sequence

@ppr Actually I am not using UiPath, I am using another tool based on dotnet framework itself. And since logic remains same, I am asking it here.

@hacky ,

May we ask you which tool is being used ? Also How is the suggested Expression used in that tool ? Is there an intelli sense available in it ?


System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.Split(dt_RawDatatable_RouteInformation.Rows[1][“Column1”].ToString(), @“\s{3,}”).Count()

This works.

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