String manipulation with some specific case

If a string contains text as per below example need to replace this string text with some variable value…

Eg: Action Needed-<< Email Subject>>

How to replace this Email Subject string with Variable value…

Var1= “Uipath”

Needed suggestions…

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give a try on regex when we have to find the Email Subject within a string and it is dynamic

Assign Activity
Left: myNewString

When we do create a string with such a pattern we can do:

Assign Activity
Left: myNewString
String.Format("Action Needed - << {0} >>"),Var1)

or very simple: "Action Needed - << " & Var1 & " >>"

When working with Placeholder for replacements we can do

Assign Activity
Left: myNewString
"Action Needed - << #ES# >>".Replace("#ES#",Var1)


You mean that you are storing this subject in a variable and you need to replace some part with the variable

Can you share me correct format you are looking for?

You can use Replace or Regex if there is any format

Hope this may help you


It’s as simple as using string format

Say for example you have the input string like this

Strinput = “Action Needed-<<{0}>>”
And you have a variable named Var1 with text in it

Then use this expression in a ASSIGN activity like this

Stroutput = String.Format(Strinput,Var1.ToString)

{0} is the place holder where that value.ToString will get replaced

Or you can use a simple REPLACE method of ToString

Like this

Stroutput = Strinput.ToString.Replace(“<< Email Subject>>”,Var1.ToString)

Hope this would help you resolve this
Cheers @suryasuhas527

HI @suryasuhas527

You can try with
Str_Variable=Your mail variable.Subject.Replace(“old str”,“New Str”)


Hello @suryasuhas527

Are you trying to make the subject dynamic by replacing the variable value?

Or simply you can append the variable to the string
Var1= “Uipath”

Subject = “Action Needed-<< “+Var1+” >>”

If any other questions then let us know.

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