Placeholder in variables wanted! e.g. **_text

Hello Community,

I have the following problem:
For an email robot I want to use the subject as a variable. This should be used in a flowchart as a decision base. However, a part of the variable is unknown and is determined by the user.
How can I put a placeholder in such a variable?

Excel with the count-if function serves as an example:
=Count-If(A2:A5; “") with the placeholder "”.

Here’s what I had in mind (which didn’t work):
Variable = * & “Text”

Thanks for your help!
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Hi @nowak.moritz

Is this what you are looking for

Say you want to include a value in sentence ‘I am good’ after am then give the string loke this “I am good”(stored in str variable) and in your code you can use replace

Output - I am very good

In here “very” can be another variable which user gives as input



How about String.Format as the following?




Thanks for the answers! Unfortunately, I have expressed myself somewhat incomprehensibly.

My goal is to perform a decision in the FlowChart by a string (email subject). Here I want to trigger different applications by different subjects (e.g. animals, countries, colors). However, each category has subcategories e.g. DE_country, ES_country, IT_country. So that the program recognizes the supercategory country with special email subjects, I would like to make the checking variable.

The program should ignore the first letters and only look at the rest **_country. A split is not possible, because some words have 3 code digits in front of them e.g. RED_Color.


Do you mean you need to extract just after the first underscore? If so, the following will work.




This should be =COUNTIF(A2:A5;“*”&“country”), The text formatting shot it up

HI @nowak.moritz

You can use like this



Thank you! Do I see correctly that “?<=^.*?” is the placeholder up to the “_”?


The above is lookbehind of regex. It will match from beginning of the string to the first _ character but not return any characters. So, it will behave like placeholder you said.


Use the Contains operator.

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How does it look if I need the first arbitrary characters up to the “_”? e.g. CAT_XX


If you need to extract characters before the first _, the following will work.

m = System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.Match(yourString,"(^.*?)_(.*)")



Note: m is Match type. (2.3 KB)


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Thanks for the quick help! You have saved me a lot of time :slight_smile: @Yoichi

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