I am using the string.join to convert the variables that are in object to string, when I pass the variable to the database all the data are in a line only according to the image, I would like to know if it has the possibility to impute line by line , for example I have a string that has 3 rows, I first need to impute 1st row, then second and so on

Can’t you work with a DataTable object in the first place? Inserting would be much easier that way (

Try assigning it to a string array (System.String) eg array = myString.Split(Convert.ToChar(Environment.NewLine)). Then use a For Each to iterate through the array and save each line to the database.

I tried and I could not, this is my workflow, I’m reading a csv file, making a filter in csv to get only the data I want then use string.join to be able to save to the database, however each string has 3 lines and all this information is being saved in a row only in the database and would like to have one row for each information

for example I have a string: Concluded, Concluded, Concluded in the bank is being saved this way and I would like it to be saved as:

Could you help me, I tried every way but I can not find a solution.Sequence1.xaml (13.5 KB)
CSV.xls (23.5 KB)
Sequence1.xaml (13.5 KB)

You’re already working with an Excel document (or CSV), so turning all your data into a DataTable object is easy. Check out the Read Range activities for more information. Also, UiPath allows you to filter data contained in a DataTable as described here, and there even is a wizard for your convenience:

The filter will result in another DataTable object, and any such object can be easily inserted into a database table as described here.