Help with for each array of strings

this is my workflow, I’m reading a csv file, doing a filter in csv to get only the data I want after I use string.join to be able to save to the database, however each string has 3 rows and all this information are being saved in a rowCSV.xls (23.5 KB)
Sequence1.xaml (13.5 KB)
only in the database and would like to have a row for each information

for example I have a string: Concluded, Concluded, Concluded in the bank is being saved this way and I would like it to be saved as:

Could you help me, I tried every way but I can not find a solution.

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Sorry couldn’t understand the question

Can you please explain more clearly.

Pavan H

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I’m reading a csv file and grabbing only the columns I want with the

(From row in text.AsEnumerable () select row (“Date Closing”).) ToArray ()

after that I’m converting the variable that is as object to generic value with:

string.Join (",", DataClose.ToArray ())

this variable has 3 rows, the moment I try to pass to the database the output is as Date Closing1, Date Closing 2, Date Closing 3 is all the information on the same line, I would like each information to be in a row in the database. data

line1-Date Closing1
line2-Date Closing 2
line3-Date Closing 3

I tried to do each, split by split, but it did not work out