String going to new line due to \n in json


I am getting json by calling some data using http request.
That json contains assignee,iterations,comments and some values.
i need to read this json and rearange in specific format and to do that i am not using desrialize json but instead i am using JsonConvert.DeserializeObject(of JArray)(JsonText, myJSS) to deserialize because when i am running on VM it is taking date of VM fomat
everything is perfect but issue is while reading createded json and deserializing it then in comment
original json - “comment”: “AOS : mauvaise couleur dans "A proximité" sur l’IT\nIOS : pas de picto IT dans la partie "Info trafic"\nPas de notification push ?\nA creuser @Jonas

this is in single line like below

but after deerializing it is going to new new line becasue conatins \n like below

how can i avoid this i am reading file using read text file and doing deserializing
help me on same
i need to do http call each json after deserialize
i want output same as below

in general it is a expected behaviour. \n represents a line break. In serialized JSON it is expressed with \n. In DEserialized JSON it is applied.

However, what is is the impact when \n is applied to line break?

i checked on your point as well as json part and understood form json test is \n is not the problem but json i am getting is in wrong format
check below image - below is 38 th line

help me to solve this

inner doublequotes have to be escaped with \

ok but i am getting json with this how can i replce becasue everytime i am getting error for comment

“comment”: “Está apareciendo el menú "
más acciones " en estados donde no debe aparecer: Aceptada, Denegada, Entregada, Finalizada.”

can you tell me right json after escaping " with \ as u are suggesting
please write because i am getting same error inthis checker

we told: inner " to escape with \ resulting to \"


my original json looks like below which is showing as valid

when i am doing desrialize json automation creating belw without slash

how it is removing slash when i am desrializing this without backshash that creating issue.
help me on same i need exact as original