\n in json giving error while deserializing json


I am doing json deserialize using
“JsonConvert.DeserializeObject(of JArray)(ReadBlock(result after doing htp call), myJSS)”
not uisng deserilize json.
when deserilizing using above expression giving error.
please look for bleow post

@ppr help me on error mentions for missing expression in this post - After deserializing json string moving to next line for \n for some cases but not for all - #9 by Mathkar_kunal

Hello @Mathkar_kunal

  1. Send HTTP Request activity: Make an HTTP request to retrieve the JSON data.

    • Set the Endpoint property to the API endpoint.
    • Store the response in a variable (e.g., jsonResponse).
  2. Deserialize JSON activity:

    • Set the JsonString property to jsonResponse (the variable that contains the JSON data).
    • Set the JsonObject property to a new JObject variable (e.g., jsonResult).
    • In the Result property, specify the type you want to deserialize to (e.g., Newtonsoft.Json.Linq.JObject or your custom class).
  3. Use Assign or other activities to work with the deserialized JSON data, accessing properties or elements within the JObject variable (jsonResult).

  4. End the workflow.

Thanks & Cheers!!!