After deserializing json string moving to next line for \n for some cases but not for all


after etting result from http request call i am deserializing that json.
check below comment part in json i am getting using http request.

u can see here comment contains multiple \n

1] after desrializing i am getting in below expected format.

u can se here whole comment in one line.

issue is there for bleo comment
check below comment part in json i am getting using http request.

2] after desrializing i am getting in below format where it is writing in new line. we need as it is like previous in one line.

my question is why it is moving to new line for \n but in previous example 1 coment came as it is.
help me on same . requirement is we need comment as it is no need to move in next line if \n is there after deserializing.

Note : i am not using direct deserialize activity instaed i am using “JsonConvert.DeserializeObject(of JArray)(ReadBlock(result after doing htp call), myJSS)” this to desrialize.

@Anil_G @ppr

please show us some more details on the flow.

how does the JSON look like, when rewritten to a text file?

json i am getting from http cal looks like below

when i deseriaize it looks like bleow

cehck comment part
i am deserializing using“JsonConvert.DeserializeObject(of JArray)(ReadBlock(result after doing htp call), myJSS)”
and then appending each line in text file using append line.
i need comment in one single line

A little bit more repeated as answered

how is the comment value used for the line, show us some activities implementig it and samples on its values as outputs from immediate panel

like below i am appending each line and creating json

you can try:


In general we do have some doubts on the append line as we have it out of the box when writing the JOBject to a file


i will try this an d will update u

not understood
please expain a bit

please help to solve this some format issue

Screenshot is hard to read. We recommend to check and correct the Brackets

  • ensure the correct types
  • ensure the correct usage open / close usages

check below if u able to see. and update what to remove or correct expresion

more efficient, when sharing the statement as text

" ““comment””:“”“+Json.SerializeObject(Jrez(Counter4)(“comment”)).Trim().Trim(”“”“.ToCharArray))+”“”"



" ""comment"":"""+JsonConvert.SerializeObject(Jrez(Counter4)("comment")).Trim().Trim("""".ToCharArray)+""""

thanks buddy worked this one

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