String Format Learner

hello Guys
i am in new uipath can u help me with some query
I have a string “Computer System” thats need to be convert it into “cOMPUTEr sYSTEm” format.
Please help


Hi @Nitesh18
You Can do This Using String manipulation Using .ToLower , .ToUpper, Substring, Split Methods

  • I Have Converted Whole String In to Upper.
  • Then Split it And Using the Sub string Converted It into Our Required Pattern.
    Find the Attached workflow It will help You to Understand.Sequence.xaml (4.8 KB)


You can try the below single line code

Assign in to a string variable
string.Join(" “, “Computer System”.Split(” ").Select(Function(x) x.ToUpper.Substring(0,1).ToLower+x.ToUpper.Substring(1,x.Length-2)+x.ToUpper.Substring(x.Length-1).ToLower).ToList())

Hi @Nitesh18,

You can even try the below code in an assign activity: