Character Upper

Hi, can anyone tell me how can i check if a character is upper or lower? I dont need to convert, i just need to know if it is upper or not. Thanks

Hi Mig,

If you just want to check that string is in upper or lower case then you can follow these steps:

  1. Assign that string into a variable [ Ex: Name = “UIPATH”]
  2. check that by using if condition
    if( Name.toUpper == Name)
    Message box : String is in upper case
    Message box : String is in lower case


toUpper will work only all letters are in upper case.

Hi @mig,

strValue.ToUpper() → you can use this if suppose string already in upper case it will take.

if you want to match

true->upper case
false->lower case


Thank you all.

how do i convert “Computer System” string into "“cOMPUTEr sYSTEm” Format??

String.Format(yourString, vbStrConv.ProperCase)