String Manipulation from heLLo WOrLd to HEllO woRlD

How we can achieve Converting all lower case letters into Upper and all upper case letters into lower in the string “heLLo WOrLd” For this Output should be “HEllO woRlD”

Hi @Pramod_Nannaka,

There may be other simpler ways to get this done but the approach should be same.

Here is a suggestion

  1. First split the string to a char array

  2. Iterate through the char array and for check if Char is in Upper Case, if yes set a new variable to take item.ToString.ToLower, else item.ToString.ToUpper


Hope this helps. Here is the sample file.
StringOppositeCase.xaml (11.8 KB)

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on of a few options:

String.Join("",YourStringVar.Select(Function (x) If(Char.IsLower(x), x.tostring.toupper, x.toString.tolower)))

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