String Errors When Updating from VB Windows - Legacy to Windows

I have a project that currently is in Window Legacy. In this project, I have several “Invoke Workflow File” commands with the WorkflowFileName in the format of string.Format(“{0}\script_to_run.xaml”, Folder).

These all work fine in Legacy, but after updating, I get the error on validation "The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect… “CurrentDirectory/[{0}\script_to_run.xaml, Folder]” or something similar. It seems like it is not processing strings in the same way. The same error occurs when providing strings constructed using “+” instead.

Was there any change to string syntax between Windows Legacy and Windows?

Problem solved. This appears to be a standing issue per Invoke Workflow File activity is broken in the 2022.10 release - #2 by Daniel_H-E