Error in Converting Windows-Legacy Project to Windows

I have converted an Windows-Legacy Project to Windows and getting error in download file Path
Directory.GetFiles(Config(“CSV_Downloaded_File_Path”).ToString.Trim,“*.csv”).OrderByDescending(Function(d) New FileInfo(d).CreationTime).Tolist(0)
I am using the above mentioned code .
Can anyone suggest what change should I make?

In general ensure that all double quotes are of the type " and not inverted one
It can happen, that a valid statement is not accepted. In such a case we delete it and retype it again

For more help on migrations refer to the InfoSet Series

Hi @Kunal_Jain

I’m able to write the same expression without any issue in windows project

I suggest you to remove the Assign activity and write the same with the new Assign dragged and check

Hope this may help you