String Error : Index was outside the bounds of the array

it is a little bit wired for this error because when i try to debug the execution it works but when i run it directly i have this error i am really confused and i can move on.

i am using this workflow :

assign VenderInformation :

and second assign for the out_taxID where i get the error

Any help please

thank you

Hi @Talelovesky,

Try with below

Out_TaxID = VendorInformation.Split(VbNewLine.ToCharArray)(0).Split(":".ToCharArray)(1)


thank you i will try it :wink: :wink:

It is the same error when i run it drictly :wink: any help

Place this assign activity after get text Activity
Out_TaxID = VendorInformation.Split(VbNewLine.ToCharArray)(0).Split(":".ToCharArray)(1)

it is the same error :

check your get transaction data did u set transactionitem = transaction number - 1

Hi @Talovesky,

Please find the below Solution

TaxID = VendorInformation.Split(VbNewLine.ToCharArray)(0).Split(":".ToCharArray)(1)

UiPathForum_157109_TaxID.xaml (5.0 KB)


thank you for your help it was so valuable

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