Level 3 assignment 1 index was outside the bounds of the array

Hi there. In level 3 assignment 1 got error in assigning transaction item index was outside the bounds of array

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Can you check if your transaction has value on it @Venkatraman

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Hi @Venkatraman ! I have helped another person with exactly the same problem. The thing was that the part where the data was collected he forgot to set the variable name. Try to check if that`s the case.

Yeah the transaction number is 0

It is declared

hi it actually runs upto 16 transactions and produces the assign transaction item: index was outside the bounds of the array

it appears to be that he is trying to read one last data, but there isnt anymore. You can add a check before the read activity in order to avoid that

Sorry can u pls provide me a detail as i cant get through what u tells

Insert a IF activity before the Assign where if it’s null he won’t do the assign. That way you will avoid the outside the bounds error

Hi @Venkatraman you have to change the if condition. Put -1 after Count, and in_Transaction Number is initialized with 0.

  • in_Transaction Number <= _WorkItems.Count-1

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If I put count-1 the error will be no more process transaction is done like one error will coming what can I do for that

How can I assign please tell me

Hi Siva, use the activity Assign