Index outside bounds of array error

Hello guys,
i am getting this error. can u help me figure out why?

Hi @Abinayaab!
I’m not sure, but check the predifined value of in_TransactionNumber in Get Transaction Data, if it’s value is 1, change it to 0 and run for see if it’s solved.

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Kindly make sure that in_TransactionNumber is set to 0 as default value or as 0 default value to the variable that is assigned to this argument and try once

And also WIList variable has some value or elements in it
That is ensure that the variable or if argument is assigned with values
If it’s arguments ensure that the argument is passed with proper Direction

Cheers @Abinayaab

yes that s fixed. thanks @Palaniyappan :slight_smile:

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But now i got one more. how do i get rid of this?

Also this is the set of variables im using here. Hope im using it properly. But if i debug it i get this error. but its ignored when i run it. why is that?


Are we running from Main.xaml while debugging
And not from the xaml where this activity is used

Cheers @Abinayaab